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              This website was created with funds provided by NYS Archives Local History Grant (LGRMIF) and Candor Central School.  The name, Amos' Attic, is in honor of a Tioga  County son, Amos Humiston, who was killed at the Battle of  Gettysburg

during the Civil War.  Throughout our research of local government records, we have pieced together extraordinary events in the lives of very ordinary people.  We hope that you enjoy their stories and find our research useful.  Please email us with suggestions for further research or share your family photos and documents in our quest to make the history of Tioga County come alive!

Union Sgt. Amos Humiston might have died in anonymity at Gettysburg had he not been found holding a picture of his children.

     ~ Heidi Canavan  
     ~ Deb Collier  
   Candor, January 2007  



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